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3D artist and animator. AI programmer and UI designer. Follow my blog of me creating stuff I do on the computer every week. From Skyrim Mods to high detail cities to programming games it will all be here. A lot of opinion and pretty pictures every week. Hope you enjoy your stay. Cheers.

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Pieces into CryEngine

After a year of not touching the game engine I decided to expand my ship piece and bring it into cryengine while I make a nice looking island, a la ACIV or something of the like. It is much nicer that I can work on this on my own time since I don’t have a hard deadline like in school.


Ship WIP


Random Pieces

Speed Model Segment

This week I made a toy chest, no real reason why, nothing special, just wanted to for some reason.


Toy Chest

Tutorial Segment

I have never really been into making vegetation, however I felt like it was something I should get around to so I looked up a quick tutorial on palm tree modelling. I then just textured it and brought it into cryengine. For my first one, I like the look of it.


Palm Tree

Ship Modelling and Texturing Completed So this week I finally finished up the modelling and textures of the ship and as promised I will be doing a postmortem this time. More of an in depth discussion of why it took so long, and how I would redo it. Planning My planning on this piece was […]


Ships Rigging So this week I was lazy because I had my first day of work and all that, however I still got some stuff done on the ship. The 80-20 rule is killing me however the ship is so close to being done and the biggest problem now will be myself feature creeping it. […]


New Deck Texture This week was busy with some interviews and stuff people asked me to do. Sadly that took away time from me working on the ship and I wanted to redo the entire deck texture as well as the extras, so this has pushed back when I will be finished. Hopefully not too […]


More ship stuff and Pillars Not much to say this week, because I was working on designs for a job interview instead of my ship. However the ship is coming along, however I want to remake the deck which will take a bit longer but it already looks better. Ship Full Speed Model Segment Back […]


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